Welcome to Ryntblue.

"Rynt" = "imposing"
"Blue" = "Blue Earth"


Ryntblue is a small atelier in Aoyama that uses the natural stones and minerals of the blessings of the earth to create dignified, slightly unique jewelry.

Taking advantage of the feeling I learned at a company or salon that handles high-end jewelry, I continue to enjoy making jewelry every day using unique and attractive stones.

I would like you to find your own universe in the stone and make enrich your heart by wearing stones more freely.

I hope it will be our jewelry that will make you smile.


Please feel free to contact us for product inquiries.


Sonoko Nakamura
Jewelery Designer

After working for a major jewelry company, I  came into one-of-a-kind charms at companies and salons that handle luxury jewelry.  I came to want to make jewelry for my own,  and I started to study design and production at Hikomizuno Jewelry College.
Since 1999, we have kept designing and making products for salons and companies mainly.
In 2009, we launched the Jewelry Study Group "MUSUBU" with our friends. We keep working by holding some study meetings and exchange meetings related to jewelry.
( "MUSUBU" Detail: https://jewelry-musubu.com)
Since 2021, we launched the jewelry brand "Ryntblue"  and started producing and selling my own way of jewelry.


- Our jewelry was published on the 'Daiwa House Renewpress a'  -
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 - Jewelery industry info magazine; 'Re Jewelry' -
Business Report Serialized three times from March, 2015

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ジュエリー業界紙 リ・ジュエリー ジュエリー業界紙 リ・ジュエリー ジュエリー業界紙 リ・ジュエリー ジュエリー業界紙 リ・ジュエリー ジュエリー業界紙 リ・ジュエリー


- 'GRACE' Published in the 2008 New Year issue -
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GRACE 2008年新年号 GRACE 2008年新年号 GRACE 2008年新年号 GRACE 2008年新年号